REVEALED: Rich African socialites whose source of wealth remains a mystery and full of Fraud clouds

Seth Okute. He is a smart and waelthy businessman.

He is a married man with lavish lifestyle, his life is linked with gold related scandals. 

Edwin Ochieng Oduk, it is alledged that he is a close Friend to Jared Kiasa Otieno Otieno, he is also.a gold fraud lord and the case is active at the Kibera court.

Allan Chesang has denied various gold related fraud cases, he has a gold fraud case in court, he is also alledged to be part of the Fraudsters. 

Jared Kiasa Otieno. Sources said that he is a fraudster although he claims to be a legit gold dealer , in 2017 Otieno was outed as a fraudster.

The American educated Kenyan was documented as having transportation, shipping and manufacturing.

Despite appearing to be the proprietor of legitimate businesses, Otieno was arrested last year for embezzling money from some Kenyan citizens.