SABASABA: Raila allowed into the CBD, protestors blocked

A vehicle believed to of Raila Odinga making way to CBD.

A vehicle believed to of Raila Odinga making way to CBD.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has manoeuvred his way into the Central Business District after being partly blocked by police.

He is said to be at Serena Hotel with a few Opposition MPs but his supporters have been prevented from accessing the CBD.

Raila was leading his supporters to Central Park in demonstrations against the Kenya Kwanza administration.

The CBD has been turned into a no-go zone for both motorists and pedestrians.

Heavily armed officers have prevented access to the CBD.

Those who have attempted to force their way in have been tear-gassed.

His convoy was surrounded by anti-riot police who blocked all roads to and from Kamkunji.

The opposition chief had told the crowd at Kamukunji to use whatever means and ensure they reach Central Park.

“Kuna njia mingi ya kuenda Roma, ukifunga hii tunachukua ingine. Leo Roma yetu ni Central Park, kando ya Serena hotel. Wakifunga hapo, pita kule,” he said.

Some took a detour to Jogoo Road and matched all through to Landhies Road with Raila’s convoy in tow.

A section of other supporters were approaching the venue from Kibera via Mbagathi Road.

Meanwhile at Central Park, Azimio’s final destination, there was a heavy presence of police who had cordoned off the area with water cannons.