Senior JSC official who is a judge Secretly meeting Yesu Wa Tongareni as effort to get wife backfires

A senior Judicial Service Commission official, who also doubles as a senior Judge has been moving to Yesu Wa Tongareni homes to seek marriage related miracles for some weeks now as he continue aging without a wife.

The officer is not yet married although he is quickly approaching his retirement age.

” Yes amekua anakuja akiongea na sisi wafuasi wake Yesu Wetu ndiposa tumwambie Yesu Wetu mtukufu amsaidie apate mkee, kutoka Kwa baba Mungu” one of the 12 disciples revealed to our source.

More details from the meeting remains scanty but the man is stressed and struggling to get a wife.

” We don’t know what his Problem is may be he was slapped with a heartbreak or he has a biological problem,” the source reveals.

We shall be revealing more details in the coming articles

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