Shabiki Kaende Jackpot Winner Accompanied By Police To Collect His Prize As He Was Too Scared

Receiving an unknown call in the middle of the month and being told you have won half a million may raise an alarm of doubt. But imagine the caller on the other end persisting that you have no choice but to do your due diligence to remove the doubt.

Well, this is the case of one Edward Kemboi a father of four and farmer from Eldama Ravine, Baringo County. The 37-year-old predicted 12 out of 13 matches correctly.

With only Ksh.300 he won the weekly Ksh.500,000 Kaende jackpot by

Frightened that it may be a move to loot his hard-earned money, it took the intervention of his brother; an Administration Police Officer to accompany him to Shabiki headquarters to collect his cash.

“Hii mchezo ya Shabiki ni ukweli, ata mimi sikuamini, lakini niliamini kwa sababu walinitumia fare niende mpaka Nairobi, sasa nimepata pesa yangu,“ Kemboi said.

A speechless Kemboi told Citizen TV that he plans to expand his farming as well as opening up a business in his home town.

“Hii pesa nikifika nyumbani nitaangalia ata kama ni nunue ng’ombe na kufanya business kidogo nyumbani.”

He has been playing the Kaende jackpot for two months before a stroke of luck caught up on him unaware.

To play Shabiki Kaende Jackpot sms the word “KJP” to 29063 with a stake amount of Ksh 50 or login into

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