sirisia constituency turns to risky working zone

It has been surprising after a casual worker looses the job without clear and prior notice of the job dismissal in sirisia sub-county, bungoma west, in bungoma county.

The victim who was working as an ICT/COMPUTER personnel in butonge ACK primary school got a sudden dismissal from the job without early notice over the same. butonge ACK primary school is located in sirisia constituency in bungoma county.

more so, the victim was instructed not to near that school premises whatsoever.

The area community was much eager to know the reason for the urgent dismissal of that worker from there community school.

From the report in the same community there was a needy and desperate family which needed the well wishers including the office of their MP area to give a hand of help for their suffering situation.It was said that the MP office had the report fron the family requesting for help but unfortunately the office gave the family a deaf ear.

The victim tried to lament over why the MP office had not taken any initiative off helping that family which in turn caused that immediate dismissal of the victim. The dismissal was done immediately this lamentation reached the office of HON. JOHN WALUKE the area MP.

Working fron within sirisia constituency has become dangerous given the recent scenario where other person’s property was totally destroyed unlawfully from within.

This not be the only case of someone having it rough especially when dares sirisia constituency leadership. It is now with fool of fear and tension to the people especially who work from that constituency and dares HON. JOHN WALUKE’S leadership.