Sports CS Ababu Namwambia urge to intervene as Kenya Taekwondo National team members is held hostage at Dubai Airport for two nights sleeping on benches, Later deported

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwambia has been urged to intervene as the  Kenya Taekwondo National team members are held hostage at Dubai Airport where sources reveals to us that they have been at the Airport for two nights sleeping on benches before it was later deported to Nairobi.

According to the sources aware of the matter, Maj Suleiman Sumba  the Federation President was deported from Baku Airport, Arzebejian as he had travelled earlier than the rest of the contingent and later on the National team  consisting of players and officials were deported from Dubai after hours of Embarrassement.

The drama has been as a results of Mismanagement of federation affairs by the a few members seating at  the top.

” The Executive has led to lack of trust in the governing body from Taekwondo stakeholders, We are therefore unable to raise the required number of members needed to form delegates as required by the registrar of sports for use to on hold an election,” said a member.

To even complicate the matter, our team was able to learn that , the Arzebejian Taekwondo Federation did not send the letter confirming that visas will be issued on arrival as Arzebejian has no embassy in Kenya.

” The Visa request letter was sent by our Secretary General on time but we have failed to get an explanation from the Arzebejian Taekwondo Federation why they refused to send the letter. This is a matter that needs more investigations as this issue resulted to  the National team being denied boarding the  flight that would link  Dubai to Baku Arzebejian thus forcing our sports men to spend two nights at the airport,” said another source.

According to retired  Major  Suleiman Sumba, the association President the situation was embarrassing.



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