Stakeholders call for integrations of cleaning tanning and Technological advancements

Stakeholders withing the Tanners and Leather industry have called on the importance of Technological advancement and utilization of Clean Environment as a way of making leather production effective hence making the industry productive and competitive.

Speaking at a Nairobi Hotel during the Eco-Tanning Processes in Kenya workshop , Robert Njoka, the chairperson of Tanners association of Kenya said that technology and good policies were key in improving the tanners products.

“The country has seen the evolution of several leather policies from 1948 to date, from post 2000.Policy interventions have focused more on business environment and value addition and export promotion, currently the country is intergrating the implementation of international , regional and National policies like UN Nations SDG(2015) in brief we need good policies to help fix the mess in the sector and promote productivity,” said Njoka.

Njoka added that the leather sector and its experts were looking foward to implemeting President William Ruto’s transformation Agenda hence helping the government fix the unemployment mess in the country.

Maurice Omondi, the Chairperson of hides and skin and leather articles associations said that quality of products was key in competing in a global market.

” For us to get global market, we need high quality products, as my colleague has said we need to invest in technology and clean environment for high quality production,” said Omondi.

Dr. Henrique Pacini, economic Affairs Officer United Nations Conference on Trade and Development(UNCTAD) urged African Countries to improve on their products for them to easily access international market.

” We have the international standards of the products that needs to be fixed in the market, African Countries needs to work on improving their products to meet this standards,” he said.

The workshop brought together various experts including University lecturers, high profile leaders among other dignitaries