Tension as robbers shop a trader in Nairobi, robs him Sh70k

A M-Pesa attendant was shot and seriously wounded before being robbed of Sh70,000 in Nairobi’s Highrise area.

Jacob Aoko Opati, 26, was shot in the stomach and hand and is fighting for his life in the hospital following the attack.

He told police he was walking home Friday night from his Mpesa shop in the Soweto area when he was confronted by two gunmen.

The gang demanded at gunpoint that he surrenders all his valuables including cash.

Opati screamed for help prompting the gang to open fire and shot him in the stomach and left hand.

The gang grabbed the cash he had and his national identification document and vanished into the slum.

Police were alerted and rushed to the scene before helping in taking Opati to the hospital.

Officials at the Kenyatta National Hospital said he was admitted in stable condition.

Police said they are yet to make an arrest in connection with the shooting and robbery but a hunt on the gang is ongoing.

Cases of armed robberies have been on the rise with police struggling to contain the trend.

Most cases pend unsolved.

Meanwhile, a two-year-old girl drowned in a bucket half full of water in the Ruai area, Nairobi in a tragic incident.

Police and the family said Gabriela Kemunto was playing outside their house with her siblings on Thursday when one of her shoes fell into a bucket filled half full of water.

The minor went to pick up the show and fell in headfirst as her colleague waited for her oblivious to what had happened.

Police said the girl’s uncle who arrived at the home several minutes later found her in the bucket still with the head immersed in the water.

They tried to apply first aid on her in vain. The family rushed the girl to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police say they are investigating the death.

Accidents involving children and in basins full of water have been common in homes amid calls on guardians and parents to be cautious to avoid such incidents.

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