The state will not accept politicians to hide behind constitution to cause Mayhem

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has told off opposition over next week planned demonstrations.

The opposition plans to hold demos on Wednesday,Thursday and Friday.

But the tough talking Kindiki dared them branding them criminals hiding behind the constitution.

“We will smoke out people hiding behind the constitution to commit crime,hurt people,disr upt business and close roads,” Kindiki said.

Kindiki said he understand the constitution better than the opposition leaders.

“So by doing this I will not be stifling free speech interfering with political association I will be the last person to break the constitution, Kindiki said.

He said on Wednesday demonstration by the opposition left many shops looted building burnt and government property destroyed in the pretext of freedom of association.

He said the same opposition has only given verbal notice on demonstrations slated for next week.

He said that the opposition has recruited jobless youths who they pay to cause mayhem instead of offering them jobs.

Kindiki said in last Wednesday demos shops were looted people attacked and government property destroyed,he said in an office belonging to Assistant county commissioner was burnt in Kitengela and a Kenyan flag razed.

He said on Wednesday police did not do their part well.

” I promise the country I will deal with criminals who are endangering the million of Kenyans a small group cannot make others live in fear,” Kindiki said.

He told the opposition leader Raila Odinga to respect President William Ruto as he was elected and is currently the head of state.

“You cannot disrespect the head of state and expect him to give you a pat on the shoulder,” Kindiki said.


He dared the opposition to bring it on next week.

“Am ready for all the criminals who are waiting to loot property burn buildings,paralyze the economy am ready for them,”Kindiki said.

On terrrorisim Kindiki said he will wipe out the Alshabaab.

“We have the medicine for Alshababab and I want to assure our people we will perdue them and we will wipe them out once and for all,” Kindiki said.

Kindiki said he will also wipe out banditry in the North Rift.

Kindiki said they have cornered bandits and will soon wipe them out.

“The problem of banditry and terrorism will be wiped out completely,” Kindiki said.



He spoke at Kaanwa Catholic Church in Chuka Igambang’ombe constituency Tharaka Nithi county on Sunday July 16,2023 when he attended a church service.

He was accompanied by Tharaka Nithi senator Mwenda Gataya,Chuka Igambang’ombe MP Patrick Munene Interior and Tharaka MP Gitonga Murugara.


Gitonga Murugara said they have tried the bipartisan approach but it has failed.

“We have tried all we can to engage in the Bipartisan talks but it has not worked its like they are not for it,” Murugara said.

Murugara said that Tharaka Nithi residents and leaders should rally behind Interior CS Kithure Kindiki as the region Kingpin and future leader.

He said that they will appeal the finance bill in the court of appeal.