The Story of Lawyer Bonventure Otieno and why he is seeking to be elected at the Advocates Benevolence Association (ABA) Board

From adversity to triumph, the journey of Lawyer Bonventure Otieno exemplifies resilience and determination and its due to this that some lawyers want him to vote him at an Advocates Benevolence Association (ABA) Board Member.

Otieno Knows how important it is to hold a young one’s hand when they are at their most vulnerable point, loss of the breadwinner. Prior to his admission as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Otieno faced numerous challenges including Destitution, orphanhood and was a victim of the Post election violence, becoming an IDP. All he hoped for was a helping hand which came when he was an IDP. he notes that ABA does just that, uplifting the vulnerable when a member passes on by as far as possible, stepping into the deceased member’s shoe.

“like many others, l had to navigate the harsh realities of life. However, a turning point came when l was nine years old. I was given the opportunity to return to school during President Kibaki’s tenure,” he said during our exclusive interview. He adds, ” the obstacles didn’t end there; at the age of sixteen, l became an internally displaced child, finding refuge in a camp. It was there that a compassionate individual extended a helping hand, paying my school fees until l completed my studies at the Kenya School of Law.”

Reflecting on his experiences, Otieno emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding in advocating for others.

” Having endured hardships firsthand, l believes l can make a meaningful difference for fellow advocates if elected to represent them in the ABA,” he said. Bonventure stresses that effective leadership in the ABA requires more than just financial management.

” This Job demands empathy and a deep understanding of the struggles faced by advocates and the families they leave behind. Its a role that goes beyond politics but focusing on empowering individuals and amplifying their voices,” he said.

His candidacy has garnered support from advocates who recognize his genuine commitment to their welfare. Mr. Mola, a city lawyer, expressed personal endorsement for Otieno by stating that “Mr. Otieno’s background and experiences qualifies him as a better candidate for to know the way, you can only ask those coming back.”

Lawyer Bonventure Otieno’s journey from adversity to advocacy serves as an inspiring testament to resilience and the potential for positive change. His vision for the ABA is grounded on empathy, understanding, and a steadfast dedication to improving the lives of fellow advocates.