Uproar as Nairobi Criminal gangs now embark on city Photographers

In an effort to foster talent and encourage self-employment, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja granted permission for the youth to engage in photography and videography on specific streets.

Despite the city being a hub of activity for youth groups involved in street photography during weekdays, disturbing occurrences have increased cause for alarm. Criminals have taken advantage of the situation, masquerading as photographers or videographers with the intention of looting unsuspecting city dwellers of valuables like their gadgets. As a result of this activity, the police have made an official inquiry into the possibility of these criminal elements infiltrating the youth groups that engage in weekly street photography in Nairobi from Friday to Sunday.

Governor Sakaja had earlier given his nod for the use of select streets as venues for creative pursuits. This included photography, videography, and musical performances aimed at generating job opportunities. The discussion now veers towards permitting city council askaris in addition to police oversight to guarantee the three-day-long event’s safety and security. Khamisi Kimemia, whose vulnerability has increased because of his disability, has recounted his personal experience wherein a gang masquerading as photographers stole his mobile phone, leaving him helpless and frustrated.

Reports suggest foreigners are being singled out in a wave of crime which involves the theft of valuable items such as cameras. The areas affected are Kenyatta Avenue, Muindi Mbingu Street, Wabera Street, and Mama Ngina Street, and these incidents are often perpetrated by the youth. However, Doris Kemey of the Central OCPD reveals that three-day police patrols have been initiated and expressed that Kenyans ought not to become alarmed all the same.