Who’s This Mysterious Man Zakariya Kamal Who Won Important Security Deal In Kenya

On June 27th June 2023, one Zakariya Kamal Sufi Abashiekh was charged with buying the military equipment on behalf of the Al Shabaab in China and shipping them in three containers to Mogadishu was released on Ksh.1million bond after spending over one month behind bars in police custody investigators probed his role in the shipment of military equipment to Somalia.

The case then before Senior Shanzu Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda, had Zakaria face several charges under the Prevention of Terrorism Act including belonging to a terrorist group and providing property for the commission of terrorist acts.

Zakariya was arrested in April same year at the Mama Ngina Water Front on suspicion that he had purchased and shipped military equipment and explosives to Somalia for the Al Shabaab terrorist group.

In an affidavit sworn by the investigating officer, Corporal Gideon Wambua, Zakariya was accused of buying an assortment of equipment that he shipped to Mogadishu. The shipment was said to have originated from China where he  spent his schooling years. Three containers were shipped to Mogadishu and one of them was intercepted at the port of entry disguised as normal goods.

A closer inspection of the shipment however revealed an assortment of military equipment including  5 high spec drones capable of carrying 10 litres of liquid at a height of 500 metres above sea level, rifle scopes, material rolls for making military uniforms, 3000 metres of canvas for making tents, portable and foldable solar panes, military-grade walkie talkies and camouflage suits.

The shipment also contained 18 pieces each of night vision goggles voice recording pens, spy watches, spy glasses, swimming goggles,20 flashlights and batteries and military-grade helmets.

Between April-May there is evidence investigators received  that he was offering logistical support to Al Shabaab in Somalia. Information gathered from his mobile phone and his confession to a multi-agency team revealed that he had sent container number MSMU826114145G1 to a shipping company bound for Somalia.

This is the same container that Somali authorities intercepted and found the military gear.

So, this man Zakaria is about to supply Kenyan government with drones in a tender that he has won – AE-MOTI-281723-GO-RFB.

Considering his track record, what baffles me like any other sound mind being is how he has won the tender, whose puppet is he in Government, how he convinced the authority. How powerful is this man in/with the Chinese government?