Why Local and international investors needs to fear gold fraudster Edwin Ochieng Oduk as he is charged with Fraud

Suspects mastermind of Gold related Frauds and others Edwin Ochieng Oduk( pictured) is a man that both local and international investors needs to keep off from their deals.

According to William Tuil , a vitcim of the same, the accused person has high affinity  for gold and not even a possible jail term can scare him.

He was last week arrested and charged after the complainant raised alarm and reported the matter to the police.

Tuil is alledged to have been  informed by Oduk  that his gold  consignemnt of money has been detained at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi pending clearance by the Kenyan authorities and Edwin further asked for USD 48,500 being money for Insurance,storage and for hiring a private jet for the consignment.

Tuil flew to Rwanda to await for the consignemnt but it never arrived. He flew back to Kenya where Edwin demanded for USD 500,000 which the complaint was unable to raise

Edwin was arrested and escorted to his office at Brookside Groove house number 13 where upon search in the said house, seventeen boxes alleged to contain monies were found in two rooms of the house.

“Upon opening the boxes they were found to be stuffed and filled with stones, gravel and pieces of tiles and his actions were meant to lure and defraud the complainant of his money,” officer told the court.

The investigating officer said he intends to subject the recovered exhibits including his mobile phone to forensic examination to a certain whether the mobile phone was used in carrying out transactions such as sending WhatsApp images and conversation and money as alleged by the complainant