18-Year-Old ‘Doctor’ Arrested For Allegedly Raping Midwife

Police in the Ugandan capital Kampala have arrested an 18-year-old man for allegedly raping a midwife who was seeking employment in his medical facility.

Ugandan police spokesperson Fred Enanga told journalists on Monday that the man was posing as a medical doctor with employment opportunities.

Enanga said the suspect created a fake Facebook account under the name of Dr Ronnie to dupe victims. He claimed to own a non-existent facility called Medical Scrub Uganda.

The suspect would then offer medical jobs through online interviewing, then rape females when they turned up to sign contracts for the fake jobs, the police spokesperson said.

“He would briefly interview them online and then schedule a meeting to discuss the terms and conditions,” Enanga was quoted by The Daily Monitor newspaper as saying.

He is said to have done this in Kayunga and Mukono areas which are around 55 and 25 kilometres from the capital respectively, after which he would “cause for transportation of the victim to an isolated and busy place where he would drag them to the bush and then sexually assault them”.

On March 21, the man reportedly interviewed a 21-year-old midwife from Kampala and then invited her to a village Mukono, where he raped her upon arrival.

“After our crime intelligence and flying squad units tracked down this suspect, he was arrested and we established he did not have a fixed place of operation. He was sleeping in cheap lodges in Kayunga and Mukono,” Enanga said.

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