Accident; 40 passengers involves in a road crash in Matuu, leaves with Minor Injuries

About 40 passengers on Wednesday afternoon escaped death narrowly after the Matatu they were traveling in rolled along the Kitui-Matuu-Thuka road just about two Kilometers from Kabati market.
The ill-fated 41 seater Matatu that was involved in a self-accident around 3 pm was travelling towards Thika town from Kitui town when the driver lost control of the vehicle.
The Mini bus Matatu christened Benjo Tour landed on its side and slide on its side for several meters before landing partially across the busy tarmac road at Kombu area between Kitui town and Kabati trading centre in Kitui west sub county.
Early responders and rescuers who arrived at the scene soon after the accident occurred managed to help all the passengers out of the vehicle. They were rushed by good Samaritans to the nearby Kauwi sub county Hospital.
The passengers were struggling to climb out of the vehicle as the vehicle had rested on the driver side thus making the main passenger door to face upwards.
The injured travelers were either pulled out through the back emergency door or from the door on the top. Other were assisted out through windows whose pane had been crashed to allow exit.
The accident caused a temporary traffic jam on either side of the road but traffic police officers from Kabati police station arrived and cleared the road to allow smooth passage of other road users.