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Barbaric attack; Kangemi Kitisuru chief Daniel Njue Wanjiru, his assistant Lydia Kwamboka led goons leaves woman half death amid bribery claims

Even before we completed our investigations into the allegations of bribery and corruption that is alledgly being committed by  Kitisuru area Chief Daniel Njue Wanjiru and his assistant Lydia Kwamboka, our investigative  reporter witness a deadly attack that a middle aged woman  half death.

As the attack was being committed, the two administrative leaders were watching and seems not to care. Our efforts to reach them for clarifications on the matter failed terribly as they hostile and unapproachable.

The problems started after the chief and his assistant made an impromptu visit at victims liquor shop and questioned the whereabout of the licence .

The questioning ran simultaneously with the barbaric assault and residents claims that the two have been violating their rights.

” See, she has been left to die, Chief Daniel Njue Wanjiru and her assistant Lydia Kwamboka came with their goons who attacked her, we want Interior CS Kithure Kindiki to intervene or else we take the laws in our hands,” Said Albert Kisia, one of the area agitated resident.

The woman’s life was rescued after Residents intervened and took her to Mbagathi hospital where she is in critical condition

Our team manged to capture how horrific the scene was as the woman alledgly attacked by the authority lied in the pool of blood.

Ironically the two alledged  perpetrators of the offence as mandated to make sure that residents leaves in harmony but they are doing the contrary.


The above mentioned have been alledgly  taking bribes from some bar owners and wine and spirits owners on the ground that they will protect them.

Our reporter witnessed some of the transactions.

Its due to this that residents are calling the EACC to intervene

“We want the EACC to move  with speed and apprehend both chief and hid assistant, they are so corrupt that we cannot leave in harmony and peace, let the law take charge,” said a resident

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