Illegal Constructions works continues in Parklands, Taza Lane, Nairobi as Racism, Nepotism witnessed in the selling of Units

Construction work continued the better part of Sunday at LR 209/7549-Taza Lane, City Park Drive, Parklands despite court orders stopping further developments.

Ironically when our investigative team toured the area and talked to some workers, some  admitted that they were aware of an existing court order that stopped the works  but said  that they were  told to proceed as the works had some  blessings from the big office.

” We were told that this construction works must proceed until its completion and  that  the big office of the land was aware of what was happening here today,” a worker said.

He added that the developer has been telling them not to reveal whatever happens at the site to the strangers.

” We are not supposed to share this informations with you but you see what our bosses are strangers they even fumble to speak swahili, we have lost over five workers here due to accidents,” he added.

He added,” When one dies here, he is dumped at the Morgue and the work continues, the police are bribed to remain silent,” he said.

Nairobi County through Housing, Lands and Urban Planning CECM Stephen Gathuita Mwangi on behalf of Governor Johnson Sakaja, Mr.Patrick Analo among other officials  informed the high court that the illicit developer, consistently disregarding court orders, has effectively outmaneuvered the enforcement officers of Nairobi County.

According to some Whistleblowers,   those behind illegal developments in Parklands say Muthaiga and Loresho areas are their next target.


How Units are sold

A source told our investigative team that all the illegally Somali-linked constructed units in Nairobi will only be sold to the Somalis.

This according to businessman Ahmed Rashid will help the Somali community take over Nairobi and later the whole country in the coming polls in future.

” Majority of us are now Kenyans although not by birth, we want to have our large population in Nairobi, later have our banks, media houses and Inshallah in future we may have a Somali President,” he said.

One  investigative journalist tried to purchase a unit in Parklands and was told that all the units were fully parked.

However when another Somali who is among our investigative team conducted the same house sellers for a unit, he was told that they were in plenty he only needed to pay some deposits and wait.

Statistics shows that the Numbers of the Somalis has increased in the previous  days and if they work hard on this trend then they have a bright future in Nairobi.

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