Joseph Mwenda Munoru known as ‘DJ Joe Mfalme among three arrested in connection to the Murder of Kabete Detective

A Kenyan DJ was Friday arrested following fatal assault of a police officer in Kikuyu area, Kiambu County.

Police said they are questioning Joseph Mwenda Munoru known as ‘DJ Joe Mfalme’ alongside his bouncer, driver and photographer.

Also being questioned are three police officers.

Mfalme and his team were headed home in Kikuyu when they were involved in a minor non injury accident. This turned brutal and later fatal following a rage.

Police said seven suspects are now persons of interest in the matter as investigators go on with their work.

They allegedly assaulted inspector Felix Kelian Kentos on March 16, 2024, police said.

DJ assault cop
Inspector Felix Kelian.

Kelian was based at the Kabete Directorate of Criminal Investigation office.

The four were detained by detectives from the Kabete Police Station who are handling the probe.

They allegedly attacked and seriously assaulted Kelian in a road rage.

The officers are also alleged to have joined the fight.

The assault, happened after the officer was involved in a non-injury traffic accident on the said around 4am within Kikuyu market.

Traffic police attended the scene minutes later.

Police said a ome bodaboda riders who were present are also being sought.

Kelian died on Friday while receiving treatment at the Nairobi West Hospital.

He had been admitted there and was undergoing treatment for abdominal pains and other injuries sustained after the alleged beating.

The body of the deceased was moved to the Umash Funeral Home as investigations on the matter continue.

A postmortem was conducted on the body at the mortuary on Saturday.

His colleagues visited the funeral home on Saturday as the probe went on.