Big win for city lawyer Carolyne Khasoa as over 70 Lawyers endorses her LSK general member candidature, cites her courage, ability to push innovative ideas and intergrity

A good number of  advocates have today vowed to support vibrant city lawyer Carolyne Khasoa in her bid to become an LSK general member. 

While speaking minutes before the start of the  LSK protests against President William Ruto’s remarks on the independence of the Judiciary in Kenya they said that Khasoa deserves the position because of her exemplary leadership skills.

” Khasoa has always been my favourite on how she interacts with colleagues, champions for issues, her courage and her ability to push things, i urge other advocates to join me in getting her elected, ” said Lawyer Robert Businge.

Other Lawyers including veteran Albert Aswani said that  Khasoa was fit to hold the position because of her attitude and her ability to listen to issues.

Khasoa was the first candidate to declare her interest for the position in late 2023.

She has so far submitted her nomination papers at the LSK office and she is fully confirmed to be in the race.

According to the manifesto seen by our team , she has put in place measures to bring innovating representation that will better the condition of advocates.

” My value proposal to you is innovative representation that will lead to ; Lsk Council re-engeneering. (Council to work through committees akin to Mwongozo for better service delivery, Widen Practice basket,through structured devolution of Tribunals and quasi Judicial bodies, land Governance,Remuneration order review to capture various forms of ADR and AJS practice, Engage with County quasi Judicial practice and Strategic partnerships, ” she says her campaign manifestos.

She has also promised to work hard to introduce contractual researchers, prosecutors, State Counsel, Land registrars, to the Judiciary, AG, DPP, Quasi Judicial Bodies, ministry of Land, Nlc etc to reduce case backlog, improve justice delivery turn around time and put money in advocates pockets which she believes is very key for the survival of advocates.

When contacted, Khasoa said that more changes were needed to be fixed for the LSK to work in a normal way.

” I will Work to reintroduce commissioners of assize for expeditiously justice, Program to use retired tribunal members to hell judges and Magistrates in structured quarterly service weeks, introduce service week at AGS, DPP and Ardhi Sasa, try to better Internal Lsk Governance, Restructure the council to work akin to Mwongozo on performance management.
Separate council practice and administrative committees for result based management, Introduce midterm review of the ordinary members meeting to deal with practice issues and track Agm resolutions, Develop Lsk members public participation guidelines.
Involve members in Lsk Budget cycle, introduce integrated Finance management to Lsk and branches and Introduce Lsk Fundraising and investment model for HQ and branches.
Work to create Lsk CPD Academy and Lsk CPD sales, ” she added.

Other promises that she had made to members include , Introduce Council /Members quarterly report review meetings for improved performance plus mid and Anual score card rating and Work to introduce Lsk Agm resolutions oversight committee with representation drawn from all the branches.

More to follow……

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