“That girl has maggots in her cookie; she smells terrible,” screenshots leak as man narrates encounter with cute girl but smelly down there

  • Man faints after finding maggots on cookie jar of woman he took home for one night stand, chats leak

There is nothing as heartbreaking for a woman as being told they are undesirable, they smell,or they don’t look good. This messes a woman up and destroys their self-esteem.
A woman has leaked screenshots online showing a conversation between a man and his friend.
One of the men was informing his friend about how a beautiful girl he had met ahead of
Mashujaa Day 2023 spoiled the mood of a good time in bed.
The woman, identified as Beryl, leaked the conversation online after she got hold of the man’s phone. She was scrolling through the phone, thinking the man was cheating on her after he suddenly lost interest in her after their one-night stand.

One night stand gone wrong

A conversation with a man called Mark Kiongozi struck her. Mark had texted her boyfriend
Jonte after Mashujaa Day, inquiring why he was mute after taking a beautiful woman home.
Jonte narrated that he had encountered a terrible smell from the woman's genitals and even claimed to have seen maggots down there.

Here is part of the conversation:

Jonte: I tell you…and that was not all. Since the light was not off…I saw things like maggots…I am sure I was not hallucinating. I was not drunk.
Mark: Izza bro…so what did you do after that?
Jonte: I tried to make love, but after some minutes…we stopped…I was shaken…she just told me she understands and will look into it. Should I dump her?
Mark: I have had such an experience…I can give you a plug who can help +254740637248,Mugwenu Doctors, they deal with health issues.
Jonte: That girl smells terrible…I will think about it. As of now…I am still processing the shock.
I will contact her after this tuongee. I will tell her about Mugwenu Doctors.

Can body cleansing heal bad body odour?

Despite being given a contact that would have been of help, Beryl says Jonte did not give it to her. He just remained silent and started ghosting her until the day she got hold of his phone.
“I have been battling bad odour for years now. I have used perfumes, seen doctors, used herbs,drunk a lot of water, went to seers, but I have never recovered. I have lost relationships, been dumped, and scorned due to this problem,” Beryl captioned her post.

She later said that she contacted Mark for more information about Mugwenu Doctors.
According to Mark, Mugwenu Doctors came through for his wife, who also had the same
problem of bad body odour, smelly periods, and low libido.
“They helped her, and she is now healed,” Mark told Beryl.

Appointment with Mugwenu Doctors

Beryl contacted Mugwenu Doctors and secured an appointment.
They examined her and performed body-cleansing rituals on her. They also provided her with ancient herbs sourced from exotic forests in India, Nigeria, and DRC.
They put her on a strict diet and medication through November and part of December 2023.
As of now, the smell is a thing of the past, and she feels more healthy and renewed than she had ever felt before.
“It is like fragrance, very sweet. And she is like a wild beast in the bedroom. If you know, you know. She even looks prettier than before. I thank Mugwenu Doctors for saving this relationship.
I also thank Mark for his tips, and I am sorry to Beryl for not giving her the contact when she needed it. I recommend Mugwenu Doctors for anyone with any problem; they really come through,” said Jonte when we contacted him.
The duo is planning to take their relationship to the next level.
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