Blogger Edgar Obare in trouble after Christina Lewis lawyer Mwenda Njangi did this moments after defaming her on twitter

Contraversial  Blogger Edgar Obare is in hot soup after  Christina Lewis through her vibrant no nonsense city Lawyer Mwenda Njagi gave him tough demands hours after he defamed his client.

Lewis, who is also the  the owner of Westwick college also want Obare to apologise over the statement he posted on the twitter on Friday of 26th January 2024 that Christina Lewis is a US convict be removed with immediate effect be removed failure to which he will institute a legal proceedings against Obare.

“I have been instructed by my client madam Christina to write notice to this blogger to apologise and pull down a story he posted on his twitter handle against my client,that is a defaming statement.”Said Mwenda.

According to the lawyer,the statement by Obare on his Twitter handle was malicious and uncalled for, he added that some of the emails and detail on there possession was ment to extort money from my client.

“We are aware of the details of the conversation between the alleged student and this blogger what they were after,we have details in our possession,if the story was true,why didn’t Obare seek clarification from my client before posting malicious statement that my client is a fraudster?,”Said the lawyer.

Mwenda also added that they will invite the director of criminal investigation to have the respondent charged with misuse of cyber crime .

In the said twitter handle belonging to Edgar Obare that was posted on the Friday stated that ,We found Yvonne Mugure’s “Billionaire” mentor Christina Lewis, who is a convicted investor fraudster, who relocated to Kenya