Cheeky Kisii County MCA flees at night over rent 

Cheeky Kisii County MCA flees at night over rent.

Rent had cumulated through his monthly pay balances hitting a high of Sh 32000

A Kisii landlord has narrated tearfully how a County Ward Rep who had been his tenant for years fled at night leaving huge rental arrears.

Philip Matoke told journalists that the Kisii Central Ward Rep – Duke Nyarango-slithered out in the wee hours of Monday night after he got whiff of a planned visit by auctioneers Tuesday.

To avoid further embarrassment the Ward packed his belongings and slithered out in the dead of the night.

He had incurred Sh 32000 in rent arrears according to the landlord.

The landlord said he pestered the two time MCA over the cumulative rent in vain forcing him to seek the court for help.

On Tuesday morning, the landlord said him, police officers and the auctioneer got the shock of their life when they found the house empty and deserted

“What we found was a yawning house, nothing was there, he just fled,” Matoke told journalists outside the house.

The MCA and the landlord had agreed that he pays Sh 10,000 per month in rent only for him to pay Sh 9000 monthly.

It was the remainder that kept the arrests climbing to Sh 32000

” He had never shown signs of commitment to pay and that is why i resorted to court, said Matoke .

At times, the Ward Rep could skip paying for over five months.

During the campaign he gave a pretext of running low on cash to pay, Matoke said.

And after he was elected, he never bothered to pay.

At some point, said the landlord, the cheeky Ward Rep blocked his calls forcing him to use his friends’ phone’s

Matoke moved to court last month and obtained a court order to evict him.

The MCA declined to comment after the Star contacted him for a comment.

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