Why cowards on Twitter have smoke for Njugush but not politicians

Njugush is the latest celebrity in a long line of celebrities who are being blamed for what their clients have done or continue to do. The client in question is one of the biggest banks in East and Central Africa, Equity Bank, who are being accused of samal practices by their customers.

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This has left me wondering why Kenyans can to hold influencers and celebrities to a stricter more awkward than we hold our politicians and leaders. One has to wonder why the comedian is being held to the fire in a way we do not do with people who are responsible for the development of our nation.


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Then again these are Kenyans on Twitter, a platform that has the type of people whom one of my mentors considers the most sanctimonious yet these intelligent of Kenyans using social media. That is why the irony of their complaints about Njugush flies over their heads; they are intellectual cowards.

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You see the bank is being accused of one thing or the other and they have tapped into the comedian to help them with their PR and do some damage control. He has no influence over their work culture nor corporate ethics. Yet they seem to be upset that he is simply earning a living from his hustle as though he was the one that personally inflicted the harm that they are suffering from.

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Njugush is currently being bashed for refusing to turn them down as a client as though he does their customers some sort of due diligence and oversight on a corporate level. The guy is a comedian, he makes jokes and funny video clips. He’s also a satirist he cannot be held responsible for what happens when customers go to the company and relate with a bank.

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One has to wonder where all this energy dissipated when it comes to holding duly-elected officials accountable for how they run counties constituencies and wards. Where is this wrath for the politicians who are responsible for the increased inflation height access and runaway corruption? And that is why Kenya will never develop as a nation if these same buffoons continue to clean today’s self-righteous attitudes but cower away from holding elected officials feet to the fire.

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