Jeff Mwathi’s Death: Details Of File DCI Forwarded To DPP

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) forwarded the file on the investigations into Jeffrey Mwathi’s death to the DPP’s office for action on Wednesday. 

The conclusion of investigations means that the decision to review, prosecute, or not to prosecute now rests with the DPP.

But what exactly is in the file that the detectives gave to the DPP?

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the death of the late Jeff Mwathi is still inconclusive with a possible suicide as the strongest explanation, as none of the suspects who recorded statements can be pinned to the death.

Detectives who have been working around the clock since Mwathi’s death at the home of Benga singer DJ Fatxo say there was no forensic evidence to suggest that the late interior designer was murdered.

Investigators who have reconstructed the events leading up to Mwathi’s death say a group of six people had returned to DJ Fatxo’s apartment on Thika Road after a night of partying in Kiambu Road.

Six people, including the DJ, his driver, two women, Mwathi, and another man, according to detectives, continued the celebration at the DJ’s Redwood apartment.

The file states that Mwathi eventually became intoxicated at the apartment and started throwing up.

He was led into a nearby room to recuperate from the effects of the alcohol, with the party continuing in the adjacent sitting room.

During the investigation into a mysterious death that has gripped the attention of the entire country, detectives discovered that one of the ladies, who was unfamiliar with the DJ and his friends, stated that she wanted to go home.

CCTV footage, which was part of the evidence the detectives relied on, showed the DJ and the two ladies leaving the apartment shortly after.

Meanwhile, the two gentlemen who remained at the house continued with the festivities.

According to the detectives, they left the house shortly after and reportedly went to the parking lot to see if the DJ had returned and passed out in the car.

During the investigations, detectives were told it was not uncommon for the DJ to return home and pass out in his car after a night out.

According to detectives, the two gentlemen were still in the lift on their way to the parking lot when CCTV captured Jeff Mwathi’s body falling off the 10th  floor of the apartment block.

As a result, it was impossible to establish a forensic link between them and Mwathi’s death.

At the same time, detectives believe the small window in DJ Fatxo’s house from which Mwathi is said to have fallen from was too narrow for a person to be pushed through.

Detectives believe Mwathi jumped from the window, which could explain why his body was discovered with his pants at the knee–his last contact with the window was at the waist.

The evidence gathered during the investigations also revealed that the two gentlemen returned to the house after checking the parking lot.

According to the findings by detectives, Mwathi’s absence was discovered hours after he failed to wake up, prompting a check into the bedroom where he had been sleeping.

The DJ was seen on CCTV returning home after dropping off the two ladies. He was caught on camera conversing with a neighbor before covering his eyes and walking into the apartment.

At the house, he is said to have told the two men that he heard that a person had fallen off the building but he could not bring himself to go out because of a fear of dead bodies or things associated with death.

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