‘Tell Me Your Net Worth First!’ Akothee Blasts Miguna Miguna As Their Online Beef Escalates

Newly-married singer Akothee has blasted Canada-based lawyer Miguna Miguna after the controversial political strategist questioned Akothee’s pre-nuptial arrangements. 

Widely believed to be fabulously wealthy, many, like Miguna Miguna, understandably moved to question what financial might Dennis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer brought to the table and whether he was as well-endowed as his bride.

Miguna made the comments on the same night the wedding happened but Akothee seems to have caught wind of the sentiments a little late and has chosen to publicly speak out now.

Reacting to Miguna’s comments, in a tabloid screenshot she shared on Instagram, Akothee said, “Someone tell Miguna Miguna this is not politics. And he should tell me his net worth before he attacks my husband.”

Akothee went on to add an ominous quote, “Inclusivity deficiency”.

In a phone call to Citizen Digital, a furious Akothee blasted Miguna and fiercely asked him to stay off her marital affairs saying that this was not his usual political duels and that she was more than ready to take him head-on.

“This is not his playground. His games are in the political arena. This is a whole different ball game altogether. This is Akothee and her husband’s private life. Miguna had better shut up and if he wants to settle scores with me, wait for me in Parliament!” Akothee snapped.

“Where was he when I was building my empire? He never knew the broke Akothee. Therefore, he has no business advising me on how to handle my wealth or who to spend it with. Besides, I’ve never seen anyone advise a mzungu to sign a prenup before marrying an African lady, why so?”

In a follow-up to her Miguna rant, Akothee made yet another post on Instagram, saying, “My husband is giving men sleepless nights! I can’t marry a nobody and if so, I would have done this a long time ago! I am hot and sexy therefore I attract the likes of Omosh. I can’t marry for wealth, I have my own… If wealth was a question, I rejected 3 proposals from not only rich but (also) a billionaire!”

“A woman like me is very rare to find. I married My Prince Charming, I know his worth, his family and his wealth,” she added.

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