City Journalist Collins Kweyu throws his parents a wonderful party as calls for journalists to invests persists

Collins Kweyu during the session

Yesterday, veteran City Journalist  Collins Kweyu threw down an appreciation party for both his father in-law alongside his biological father at his Malaa home an event that saw various speakers urging him Journalists to invest and live a good life

Collins handing flowers to his

Kweyu, most speakers thanked him for being of great help in economic development in the society.

” He is the chairperson and the mobilizer of economic activities in our society especially on matters related to roads and infrastructure, he is a great importance to our people,” said Bishop Edwin Wawere of Kenya Assemblies of God.

Preacher Juliet Muasa, who was the master of Ceremony at the function called on Kweyu to continue helping the society.

Collins Kweyu’s both parents taking some dancing moves


” You are a church  warrior, we are now urging you to continue supporting both parents , serving the society and being a strong church goer as you are,” she said.

Kweyu’s father , Mr. Peter Kweyu embraced the idea and said that his done has been a role model to many.

” I have heard what various speakers have said about my son son, his mother was not able to come with me but i will be passing that information to her, ” he said.

He said that he has never had any differences with Kweyu and he is a good man.

” Yes he is a good man, i pray God’s blessings in his life,” he said.

The a party was attended by Friends, Colleagues, investors, church members and other dignitaries.

Most of the speakers who spoke urged on the importance of honoring parents when they are still alive and called on the importance of peacefully living with others.

” I and my brothers together with my beautiful wife made this party to honour both of our fathers, we felt that we have a father’s appreciation party, We are very happy today,” said Mr. Johnstone Aronya.

He added that, ” We need to respect and honor our parents when they are still alive, i want to thank my colleagues who stood with us to make sure that the day becomes a success,” he added.

Kweyu urged journalists to respect their parents in whatever they do.

Bishop George Githae while speaking at the the faulted journalists for living a flashy life despite being in a bad situation.

” Most Journalists do not invest, Kweyu has really tried, i urge journalists to invest for the betterment of their lives,” he said.

Other Journalists who attended were ; Patrick Amimo,Stafford Ondego,Kelly Ayodi,Clause Wekesa, Evans Habil and Johnstone Aronya.

Among those who send apologies of not attending the ceremony were the local Matungulu OCPD Peter Omondi,Bishop Shem Nzioki and businessman Kanoti Sudi.