EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Peter Wanyama takes an early lead over opponents as LSK polls knocks in

Nearly  less than four days before lawyers in the country elects their new President, Vibrant city lawyer Peter Wanyama has taken an early lead over his opponents.

Lawyer Peter Wanyama during a campaign trail

This is according to a poll conducted by Kenyanmiror.co.ke between Thursday February 8 and Friday February 23 where over several  advocates were conducted and questioned.

According to the  survey about 47% of sampled voters favored Wanyama compared with 32% for his closest challenger Faith Odhiambo.

Another Survey conducted in January 27 by  Newsnetkenya.co.ke  also placed Wanyama ahead of Odhiambo on a percentage of  a  42 and 39 for respectively.

The other respondents that were asked on the same favoured other candidates with others undecided.

Those who voted for Wanyama acknowledged his clear vision for LSK as witnessed in the previous debates conducted on Citizen Television.

During the debate, Wanyama promised to fix the LSK systems and  make it work and on the same note promised to root out fake advocates throughout the country.

“It is a total shame to have a masquerader in the Law Society in Kenya. We need to do more to ensure that this matter is addressed because it kills the confidence that the public has in lawyers. As President of LSK, I will do what it takes to renew confidence in the system,” he said.

He added, “We must do what it takes, and this calls for a collective initiative with the entire bar, because when the profile of the bar is damaged, it’s all of us who suffer reputation. We need to leverage technology and improve our LSK systems. We must do massive system improvement to ensure that it’s foolproof and does not give any room for a quack to venture into our sector anymore.”he said.

Lawyer Peter Wanyama, Faith Odhiambo with other contestants during the LSK debate

Wanyama has also promised to improve the living standards of advocates and digitize the LSK portal.

Faith Odhiambo, the out going Vice President on her part said that once elected, her office will work with the Judiciary to fight fake advocates.