EXCLUSIVE: My life is in danger, Says Kitengela businessman as cops mysteriously releases Athi-River OCS, four other men who invaded his home while armed, caused security threat

It has now emerged that an OCS at Arthi_River area John Murigi and four others accused of invading businessman Ole_Kalu’s home while armed and caused a security threat to his family have been released under unclear circumstances.

The five had been arrested and detained at Arthi_River police station pending the conclusion of the investigations into the main cause of their action.

The aggrieved victims who addressed the media said the OCS intruded the home threatening and threatened his wife.

They had been arrested in a suspicious manner after intruding the homestead of a Kitengela businessman without notice.

The five suspects intruded the home of Ole Kalu without a well known motive or invitation and were courageously asking the whereabout of the businessman.

According to his wife who spoke with journalists at Athi River police station she said the suspects arrived at around 8:30 PM on Wednesday driving in a Toyota Prado, white in colour, registration number KBY 820H and without being welcomed pushed the door asking for mzee claiming to be his friends.

“We want mzee right now and if you don’t produce him to us we will look for him,” one of the suspects ordered.

The suspects went on furiously searching for the businessman who had not arrived by then in other rooms of his house including his bedroom and shortly they set off.

Immediately after they left, the wife called the husband’s brother John Karu informed him the suspicious guests who had visited their home looking for her husband.

The suspects are Peter Kamau,Peter Nyangao,Murigi Nyangao
Murigi John Karumbia,Simon and Moses.

Immediately John called the OCS of Athi River police station who responded swiftly sending his officers in three vehicles to trace the suspects .

The suspects were intercepted by the officers before they had gone far and their vehicle waylaid by the officers ordering the occupants to come out,

“My officers waylaid the Toyota Prado they were driving in and ordered the occupants to come out introducing themselves,” said the officer who sought anonymity.

One of the suspects John Murigi Karumbi produced a National Police Service identity card claiming to be a police officer attached at vigilant and continued to say he had served as the OCC Nairobi Terminus in Embakasi.

Karu confirmed to the journalists that he knew one Peter Kamau who for sometime was his personal driver but currently operating as a taxi driver,

“Kamau was my personal driver for sometime and I suspect he was the one led the strangers in my home without a known motive” said Kalu.

The neighbors are pleading with the officers at Athi River police station to investigate the suspects to determine their motive.

The three are held in the said police station as the Investigation continues to determine whether they will get preferred charges against them.

The victims wants the higher authorities to take up this matter saying their lives are in danger..

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