Court forfeited a prado linked to a senior man  over drug drug trafficking, driver jailed

A Kibera court has ordered a driver who was arrested transporting 600litres of Chang’aaa in a vehicle that belongs to a senior government official to pay a fine of Sh 500,000 or serve one year in jail.

Richard Odwali Karakacha was jailed by Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate Samson Temu after he pleaded guilty to the charges.

He is accused that on March 3, 2024 at Kawangware area within Nairobi County, was found in possession of alcoholic drinks (Chang’aaa) 10 bags packed in 50 kg sack and 6 Jerricans packed in a twenty litre Jerrican all weighing to be over 600litres worth hundreds of Shillings in a Toyota prado.

The court also ordered that the drugs be destroyed

At the same note the court directed that the drugs be destroyed.