CS Machogu, Kisii County Commissioner, Governor Arati trade words in burial

CS Machogu, Kisii County Commissioner, Governor Arati trade words in buria

A miffed Machogu accuses Arati of sponsoring youth to cheer leaders in burials


Education CS Ezekiel Machogu and Kisii Governor Simba Arati Friday clashed at burial marking another a new low in the efforts by regional leaders to bring to an end to violent skirmishes in funerals in the region.

The Education CS was perturbed by some youth who had booed him as he read eulogy from the president during the funeral of Kisii National Polytechnic Principal Daniel Nyariki.

The CS was at the podium speaking when Governor Arati sauntered in, momentarily disrupting speeches during the funeral when the youth, who he claimed were hired and ferried in to boo leaders, jeered at him.

Wading into the issue of violent skirmishes at burials in the region, Machogu warned saying the community risks losing out if it allows its leaders to ferry goons to burials.

He fingered Arati accusing him of stirring up violence in burials irking him to fight back not long after the CS had left.

He said it augers badly for the African culture to ferry youth to heckle other leaders in burials.

It is unethical, said Machogu , that politics was driving some leaders to hawk violence at burials.

“As a people, especially here in Gusii we attend burials to mourn the departed and console the bereaved, not to ferry youth to come, fight and boo leaders when speaking,” Machogu stated before walking out together with other leaders in a huff.

Arati, later fought back describing Machogu as unpopular in the region owing to the votes he had garnered during the governorship poll.

He further challenged him to another round of gubernatotual contest come 2027 vowing to defeat him again .

“He (Machogu) should thank President William Ruto for salvaging him from the ruins, i had given him a resounding defeated.

” He should not stand here lecturing me,” Arati said minutes after the CS had left.

Principal Nyariki had passed on a fortnight ago as he underwent treatment in Nairobi.

Arati turned to the new County Commissioner Joseph Kibet and told him for reading him a riot act over spiraling violence in Kisii .

” Wewe umepewa kazi fanya, hakuna kuleta vitisho.. Wewe ukitaka kura enda kwenu utafute kura uko.

” Mimi siwezi kuwa mwendawazimu kulipa hawa watu wote kuja kwenye matanga, na kama ningekuwa na uwezo basi mwogope, “Arati fighting off an accusations that he had funded youths to jeer the leaders.

Early Arati had sauntered into the tent causing a stir and sparking jeers from some youth .

The jeers momentarily drowned the president’s eulogy that was being read by Machogu.

The rowdy youth appears to strategically sitted in one part of tent shouting down some leader’s.

“We are not going to allow youth to be bribed with little cash to come and cause anarchy in burials. It is shameful, uncultured and barbaric,” Machini said.

County Commissioner Joseph Kibet who was present took Governor Arati head on warning that he would spare no pains in ensuring violence that had been witnessed in the region was tamed.

” I say this and starts with you Governor that i did not come here on holiday but to work and bring order. I promise you that we shall act on any form of lawlessness,” he stated.

Later, while speaking at another burial in Gesusu, CS Machogu warned against the the culture of showing disrespect to the dead.