Demonstrations in Kisumu disrupted by Raila supporters

Peaceful demonstrations by hundreds of Kisumu were on Sunday disrupted by armed supporters of Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

The supporters who were armed with stones and clubs pelted the demonstraters with stones forcing them to run for their safety.

Led by ODM official Obungu Owich, the agitated youths charged towards the peaceful protesters who were promoting peace at United Mall area before police arrived at the scene.

Raila’s supporters said those holding peaceful demonstration were opposing the planned Monday mass action.

The police under command of Nyanza regional police commander Karanja Muiruri swiftly dispersed the ODM youths who had started on barricade the road and restored sanity.

Several officers were strategically deployed on the streets ready to counter the rioters. Some of the police vehicles were stoned by the ODM supporters.

The peaceful demonstraters kicked off their procession at Russia quarters in Kondele ward in Kisumu Central subcounty carrying banners and placards with peace and dialogue messages marched to City’s CBD to promote peace.

The demonstrations brought together various civil society groups including human rights defenders who want constitution to be respected as well as embrace dialogue to problems facing Kenyans.

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