We were for peace, demonstrators now say as they condemned their attacks. 

The peaceful demonstrators in Kisumu have condemned the attack on them on Sunday which left six people with various injuries.

Human rights defender Erick Okelo termed the attack unfortunate and called police to investigate those behind the incident.

He said every the protesters were only promoting peace in the region for the sake of development and well being of the people.

Okelo said they have the rights to peaceful picketing as enshrined in the constitution. “Our procession was not political but to champion for peace amongst our youths,” he said.

Wilson Aminda, one of the demonstrators, said they were championing for peace and not violence. He added that the attack on them was unwarranted and should be probed effectively by security agencies.

Aminda urged leaders who he alleged to have sponsored youths to attack them to take center stage in the Monday planned demonstration by Azimio.

He leaders should not use youths while their children and relatives are safely in the homes, urging them to put them in the frontline.

While addressing the press conference in Kisumu after the attacks, Aminda said leaders should not use Kenyans for their selfish gains.

He said the leaders now pushing for the lowering of cost of life are the same leaders who were in bed with the Jubilee government led by retired president Uhuru Kenyatta that had saw the cost of living going up.

Aminda called for peace in Kisumu saying that the demo that was interrupted was meant to preach peace. He blamed some of the elected Kisumu MCAs for sponsoring the attack against them.

“We are appealing to our fellow youths to shun mass action which will derail the development projects in Kisumu. The demonstrations will also scare away potential investors capable of investing to create jobs for unemployed youths,” he said.

He pointed out that the Kisumu business community were part of the peaceful demonstration that was aimed at safeguarding their businesses when the planned Monday demonstration takes place.

Former councillor George Ondere has asked Raila to accept defeat for the sake of peace and unity in the country.

“If he accepts defeat all the issues will end. He has been defeated in every elections and claim victory,” he said.

Ondere, “I’m humbly appealing to baba (Raila) to embrace peace. It would be bad if every general elections there is violence and death, and lost of property.”

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