JUST IN : Businessman Edward Ndichu meets head of google cloud Sandra Guazzotti talks on entreprenuership

A Kenyan Businessman who also doubles as Wapi Pay PTE LTD Co-Founder Edward Ndichu has held some constructive talks with the head of Google, Mrs.Sandra Guazzotti, where he narrated his plan to ease the transfer of money globally.

Taking to her LinkedIn account, Guazzotti thanked Ndichu for turning up for her show and urged him to continue inspiring the youth in the world.

“Enjoy the journey” may sound like a cliché, but it’s something we all need to keep in mind.

One of the best things that MIT gave me is the opportunity to meet amazing people like Edward Ndichu (万 – Wan), who took a moment with me to talk about entrepreneurship, his project Wapi Pay PTE LTD, and give some advice to those who lead their businesses.

Thank you, Eddie, for an inspiring conversation,” she said.

Edward Ndichu meets head of google cloud Sandra Guazzotti talks on entreprenuership
Edward Ndichu meets head of google cloud Sandra Guazzotti talks on entreprenuership

She added that they had a robust discussion with Ndichu about his project, Wapi Pay PTE LTD, which continues to connect the world and inspire the world.

Ndichu confirmed that the meeting took place after he too appreciated her on LinkedIn.

” It was such an honor to talk about my entrepreneurial journey with Sandra Guazzotti, with whom we go to the same program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology She is a brilliant technology leader and has learned heaps from her knowledge and deep experience.


You have to completely believe in yourself and what you are doing, maintain the oxygen, turn out all the noise, and just keep grinding!” He said

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