EXCLUSIVE: What beautiful Dr Catherine Nyongesa advised the government after victory, her advice to Cancer patients and prevention measures

Immediately President William Ruto was declared the President after the polls, Cancer Expert Dr.Catherine Nyongesa who doubles as the owner of Texas Cancer Centre advised his government on some online publications on what he needed to do to help reduces cancer related cases.

” The government need to help in sensitizing the public on the important of early screening and also help to avail the diagnostic equipment and medics close to the people,” she told our reporter last year.

She also called on the importance of closing the gap in cancer patients care.

The world has greatly advanced in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. But many are denied basic care and that equity gap costs lives,” Dr. Nyongesa said.

Nyongesa also urged the President to increase more sensitization on cancer prevention measurers to reduce the soaring cases.

She adviced the cancer patients who wanted to mitigate the disease to:

Avoidin alcohol and cigarettes ; she said that Cancer survivors must take good care of their health by avoiding cigarettes and alcohol. Research shows that smoking increases the risk of death and it may also increase the risk of cancer recurrence.

Maintaining a healthy weight ; Embracing a healthy weight is an important part of wellness. Obesity increases the risk of cancer recurrence.

Eating a balanced diet; Eating a balanced diet can help you cope better and recover faster. This could improve your chances of survival. Also, a balanced diet helps your immune system to stay strong.

Staying connected to friends and relatives; your relatives and friends are your support system. They hold your hand and give you the energy to keep on moving and fighting cancer.

Going for checkups; Checkups will look for changes in your health or any problems that may occur due to your cancer treatment.

Staying physically active; Regular activity improves overall health, boosts energy and mobility and helps with anxiety. Plus, it may lower the risk of recurrence and improve survival after cancer.

Dr. Catherine Nyongesa is a proprietor of Texas Cancer Center Nairobi and Kenya’s first female oncologist and Cancer specialist Expert.