We are Coming for You!! Denis Itumbi tells Kinoti after Maribe acquittal

Dennis Itumbi now says former DCI George Kinoti will answer personally on why he wrongfully charged Jacque Maribe thereby destroying her career that was on the rise.

Speaking at the Milimani Law Courts after Maribe’s acquittal, Itumbi laid blame squarely on Kinoti saying he only charged Maribe to get publicity.

He said it was unfortunate that Maribe will never get back the six years she lost and nothing can bring back the years.

He said at the time Kinoti wanted a ‘sexy’ story and what better way to do that than go for the girlfriend of the main suspect so that he could get headlines.

However, he said the decision to sue Kinoti lies with Maribe who is the victim but as a friend he will advise her to take action against Kinoti.