Exposed: Farida Idris Mohamed rogue Capital FM Manager charged with threatening to kill

An employee of Capital FM Farida Idris Mohamed has been charged with threatening to kill a City businessman.

According to her twitter handle Farida Idris (@faridaidris) / Twitter

 Farida Idris, 38, is Capital FM’s Group Commercial Director.

On 3rd April 2023, the prosecution heard that on 14th June 2019, she sent a text message to   one Hussein Ali Amaro threatening to kill him.

She took Plea at Milimani Law courts court 1 and the matter was allocated to court number 2 where parties proceeded   for bond hearing.

The prosecution alleged that on 14th June 2019, she sent several text messages to Hussein Ali Amaro threatening to kill him.

“Now tell me what the fuck you will do to me and see I will finish you and bloody Swarna combined,” the charge sheet read.

She followed it with another text message, “I will kill you and if I get that Swarna you have been fucking while you were with me and still fucking everyday …she will know who I am then the two of you can continue fucking in hell”

“Now tell me what the fuck you will do me…and you see …I will finish you and bloody Swarna combined,”

“I will kill you with my hands and drag your body on hot tarmac until nobody can recognize that rotten body of yours then bury you before you proceed to hell,” threatening to kill-the prosecution said.

The prosecution also alleged that on 15th June 2019, she also threatened to kill contrary to section 223 (1) of the penal code cap 63 laws of Kenya.

“Try me one more time u  idiot. Send one more person to me and I will burry you alive with my hands taka taka Malaya umbwa,”

“U taka taka  u want to talk to my uncle Abdul please let me know when you are ready. We will finish you together. I will send you his number if you are a man with two balls call him. It will make it easier for the two of us to kill you together,”

“You don’t know how he is waiting to drive over your dead body”

The court released her on  shs 100,000 cash bail.

Sources close to the two said they fell out after Hussein Aila Amaro contributed shs 20 million towards establishment of a leading Shell Peterol Station along Thika road.

However, the source said they had agreed to share the revenue 50-50.

Farida reportedly did not honor the agreement and Hussein has never received a single cent in the last 6 years since the Petrol station was established.

Its alleged that when he tried to follow up with Farida, that’s when the death threats begun.

“A senior detective in the last regime frustrated Hussein and had vowed that the case would go nowhere. We hope with the changes at the DCI headquarters, Hussein will get justice,” said the source who requested anonymity.

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