EXPOSED: Unmasked: How rogue real estate man Gideon Ngugi Magu is extorting gullible Kenyans

Gullible and unsuspecting Kenyans are losing milions of shillings to real estate con Gideon Magu alias Keeru Ngugi Mucheru who has consistently bragged that he is well connected to President William Ruto and Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria.

Documents in our possession paint a clear picture of how Magu is using NMK Capital Investment Limited and another affiliate company called Bidsworth Auto-Rent Company to steal millions from Kenyans.

Mwangi has huge networks within the police force, judiciary and politicians engaged in money laundering.

His main targets are rich pastors, bishops and teachers who are eager to invest in projects that come with huge returns within a short period.

A case in point is where he duped a man by the name Joseph Muli Kalavi Ksh 2million as an investment. The deal was signed on 3rd March,2023 and was to expire at the end of August 2023.

It was signed between NMK Investments Limited/Bidsworth Auto-Rent Company and Joseph Muli Kalavi in what is described as a fractional investment agreement.

The deal was to pay the investor Ksh 4,022,714 as fractional share investment principal amount plus interest for five months.

It was overseen by MAOSA and Co. Advocates in Nairobi but a thorough analysis of the whole agreement highlights a well-choreographed plan that gives the investor unfavorable options in case they want to withdraw.

Part of the agreement reads ”In the absence of formal notice from the investor, it shall be construed by the company that the agreement is subject to extension for another period of six months,”

The company was to pay the investor monthly fractional share profit.