Heavy Scandal At The Methodist Church In Kenya Involving Bishop Joseph Ntombura Mwaine

The Methodist Church of Kenya has cautioned people dealing with Bishop Joseph Ntombura Mwaine, that they risk losing their money.

According to the Caveat Emptor notice posted in the Daily Nation on Friday 13th January 2023, the church leadership accuses Bishop Ntombura Mwaine of executing functions of an office he doesn’t hold.

“By this NOTICE LET IT BE KNOWN BY ALL AND SUNDRY THAT THEREFORE any actions, undertakings, covenants, and/or liabilities entered into by the said REV. JOSEPH NTOMBURA MWAINE by himself, his agents or on his authority or under his instructions purportedly on behalf of the Methodist Church in Kenya are wholly unauthorized and unlawful.” the notice dated 11th January 2023 stated in part.

Sources say that Bishop Joseph Ntombura has been selling Methodist Church properties to a Somali businessman.

“Current Bishop of Methodist church is in office illegally and is selling off church property to a Somali businessman. Other former bishops are fighting him for that. It’s a big scandal in church”, the source wrote.

Methodist Church in Kenya

As per the Methodist Church constitution, a presiding bishop’s tenure is two 5 year terms.

Bishop Ntombura has served that and due to wrangles in the church has stayed on beyond that.

“AND WHEREAS one REV. JOSEPH NTOMBURA MWAINE had by 3rd August, 2022 served two terms as Presiding Bishop, and despite being ineligible to continue in or to hold the office of Presiding Bishop, continues to hold himself out as such on account of the purported resolutions of an impugned Conference Meeting of 3rd August, 2022, and in so doing purports to carry out the functions of the Presiding Bishop and purports to exercise control over the affairs, assets and institutions of the Methodist Church in Kenya”.

Presiding Bishop Rev.Joseph Ntombura.

“TAKE NOTICE therefore that any persons or parties dealing with the said REV. JOSEPH NTOMBURA MWAINE in the belief that he is the Lawful Presiding Bishop, do so entirely at their own risk and the members and congregations of the METHODIST CHURCH IN KENYA shall not honour any agreements, contracts, arrangements or obligations so entered into and/or imposed on any of its assets and institutions and shall further seek the restitution of any of its assets so dealt with or encumbered in any manner whatsoever at the said third parties risk as to the attendant costs”, the notice titled In respect of any purported dealings with the assets and institutions of the Methodist Church in Kenya said.

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