Homecoming is outdated, a waste of resources – Manyora Said poverty-stricken villages go without food.

He wondered how leaders would drive luxury cars through villages where residents can barely afford food without feeling the epitome of embarrassment.

This, he said is always followed by heavy eating and feasting which is televised for people who can barely afford to put food on the table.

“This homecoming thing should stop. The entire government meets at somebody’s home just to celebrate their being made CS or PS. This is as outdated as it is shameful. In fact, it’s irritating, insulting and wasteful,” Manyora said.

“How do leaders drive their huge fuel-guzzling monsters through poverty-stricken villages without feeling any Shame?

“Then the gluttonous eating and feasting paraded on TV and social media. Paraded to a population of people who can barely afford a meal. Stop this, please,” he added.

Key government officials including the President and his deputy have in the recent past been to several parts of the country to grace homecoming ceremonies organised by the PSs and CSs.

Some of those who have so far held homecoming ceremonies include Education CS Ezekiel Machogu, his environment counterpart Soipan Tuya and PS Raymond Omollo among others.