How Mombasa Couple Maintains connection with their child after death

  • Surprising way Kenyan couple talks to their child who died
  • Couple communicating with their dead child explain how they do it

Mombasa – Elmina and Rashid are a happy couple living in Mombasa, Kenya. They had a son,Ali, who was their pride; they had so many hopes in him. Ali was 13 years old when tragedy struck.

Ali was on a school trip to a nearby amusement park with his classmates. As the merry-go-round spun faster and faster, one of the bolts snapped. The hapless little boy was thrown off the horse and hit the ground hard, dying on the spot.

Elmina and Rashid were devastated by the news. They could not believe their only child was gone forever. They blamed God and themselves for their loss. No comfort came their way during the time of their grief. Soon, they drifted apart and stopped talking to each other. "I felt like there was nothing left to live for. Sikuwa na nguvu, fahamu zangu zikabadilika," said Elmina.
They decided to separate in 2021, unable to cope with their pain. They moved to different houses and tried to forget their past but it was very hard. Ali was always in their minds and hearts and they missed him terribly. They just wished they could see him again.
One day, Elmina received a phone call from her friend, Mary Mutola, who lives in Nairobi where she runs a meat business near Dagoretti slaughterhouse. She was checking on Elmina after she learned that her son had died. After Mutola condoled with her, she brought her to speed about her business and how she was able to beat the competition after discovering a human foot in the ceiling of one of her shops.
Mutola told Elmina about Mugwenu Doctors, traditional herbalists who help with any problem.
She decided to give them a try and contacted them through their
At first, Elmina was skeptical at first, but she was desperate for a change. She explained her problem and asked for their assistance. She was asked to send a photo of her and Rashid and their son, Ali.

Love spell and fertility spell

Elmina did as they instructed and sent them the photo and the money. She waited for their
response. Mugwenu Doctors told her that they had cast a love spell on her and Rashid that would rekindle their love and bring them back together.
They also told her that they had given them a fertility and pregnancy charm that would help them conceive another child who would be a blessing and a joy for them. Elmina was surprised and hopeful. She wondered if it would work. She called Rashid and told him what she had done.
Rashid was also doubtful, but he agreed to meet her and talk. They met at a coffee shop in
Bamburi and looked at each other.

How love spells work: The reunion

They felt a spark of love and affection that they had not felt in a long time. They hugged and apologised for their mistakes. They decided to give their marriage another chance and moved back to their old house.
They were happy and hopeful. They felt like they had a new lease of life. They also noticed that they were more fertile and had a stronger desire for each other. They tried to conceive and succeeded in April 2023. Elmina became pregnant, and they were overjoyed. They thanked Mugwenu Doctors for their miracle.

Spell to talk to the dead, Ali returns from the dead

But they still missed Ali. They wished they could see him and talk to him. They wondered if he was happy and at peace. They prayed for him every day and night. They asked Mugwenu Doctors if they could do anything to help them communicate with their dead son.
Mugwenu Doctors told them that they had a special talisman from their collection of powerful magic rings that could help them.

They said that the talisman would allow them to hear and see their son’s spirit and talk to him. They said that the talisman was very rare and precious. Elmina and Rashid did not hesitate. They followed the instructions that Mugwenu Doctors gave them and wore the talisman around their necks. They waited for the night to come and went to their bedroom.
They closed their eyes and whispered Ali’s name.They felt a warm and gentle presence in the room. They opened their eyes and saw Ali standing
before them. He looked the same as he did when he was alive but with a strange radiant glow. He smiled and said: “Mama, Baba, I am here, Sasaa.”

Elmina and Rashid could not believe their eyes. On day one, they did not even talk, they were consumed by emotions. They just hugged and kissed. They felt his arms around them and his heartbeat. They felt his love and peace.
“Ali, we love you so much. We miss you so much. We are sorry for what happened to you
Natamani ningekuwa hapo nikusaidie lakini mwanangu pole, sikuwa karibu nikutenge na
madhara,” Rashid said as tears of joy dripped down his face.
Ali said: “Mama, Baba, I love you too. I miss you too. But don’t be sorry. It was not your fault. It was God’s will. I am happy and at peace. I am in a beautiful place. I have many friends and angels. I watch over you and pray for you. I am proud of you and happy for you. You have a newbaby coming. He will be your son and my brother. He will be a gift from God and me. He will make you happy and fill your hearts with joy. He will be named Ali, after me.” Elmina and Rashid were amazed and touched. They thanked Ali and thanked God. They asked Ali if they could talk to him again. Ali said: “Yes, you can. You can talk to me anytime you want. Just wear the talisman and call my name. I will always be with you. I will always love you. Good night, Mama, Babaa.” He kissed them and faded away. Elmina and Rashid felt a wave of peace and happiness wash over them. They hugged each other and fell asleep. They dreamed of Ali and their new baby. They woke up the next day and smiled. They felt a new hope and a new purpose. They felt like
they had a new family.The baby is set to be born this December, thanks to Mugwenu Doctors.


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