How Wavinya Ndeti And Tribal Goons Are Threatening Investors

Machakos first female governor Wavinya Ndeti and her tribal goons are making Masaku a lousy place for anyone who wants to invest.

According to a group of investors and members of the public who have been trying to reach out to us, Governor Wavinya Ndeti’s appetite for dirty land has quadrupled.

Mrs Wavinya has been accused of demanding a portion of land from all local investors who have invested in large farms within Machakos County.

This is not the first time Governor Wavinya has been accused of Land fraud and scam within Machakos County.

When she was Kathiani MP in the 10th Parliament, a group of protesters from Mavoko, Kathiani, EPZ and Athi River said that accused she took their money in a fraudulent land deal in 2008.

Wavinya, then MP conned Members of Wande Land Scheme Ks20,000 each with a fake promise of securing each one of them a 25 by 100 feet plot.

According to Ms Joyce Syowai, she borrowed Sh30,000 from her brother and added Sh42,000 that she had collected from eight friends to purchase land as advised by their MP, Ms Wavinya Ndeti.

She contributed to the fund by making small contributions during group meetings, eventually reaching a total of Sh72,000 within two months.

According to Ms Beth Mumbi, Wavinya Ndeti instructed them to contribute their money to acquire plots. However, after they had saved up the funds, Ms Ndeti became an MP and sold the land.

Wavinya Ndeti’s Tribal Goons

From the documents in our possession, One investor Mr Ngugi was almost hacked to death by goons who had come to loot and destroy properties on his farm.

Mr Ngugi is an investor in Kenya and has, as per the documents shared, he has legally acquired a parcel of land in the Mavoko sub-county in Wavinya Ndeti-led Machakos county.

Mr Ngugi says, in his other properties, he has never faced such an incident where the county leadership sends goons to harass private investors.

In his parcel of land, which he acquired from LRPRA2209-56659 JULIAS MATHEKA and WILSON ROBO, He followed the rules stipulated by the county and the Country to subdivide it into commercial and residential plots.

“Hello Nyakundi,

Our Governor Wavinya Ndeti and her tribal goons are giving me and other investors hard to develop the properties that we have legally acquired.

It is very heartbreaking to hear elected leaders telling investors that huku ni Ukambani na hamutafanya kazi hapa.

MCA’s in Mavoko sub-county want bribes and if you refuse to heed to what they are saying, they start threatening investors.

One MCA once told me pesa yangu nilinunua nayo shamba ukambani itapotea ama mimi mwenyewe nipotee.

This is a direct life threat and it is not just by word of Mouth, they actually came to burn me in my house!

Goons that were hired by Athi River, Kinanie, Muthwani, Syokimau/Mulolongo MCA’s came to Mr Matheka,  the original owner with Petrol and wanted to burn his properties before we cornered them with reinforcement from the Police. 

The Bikes seen in this image are the ones the that the goons had come with to burn my Property.

Were it not for the police officers, these goons could have razed down the original land owner Mr Matheka’s house and stolen other valuable things

On the 12th of March this year, I reported the matter and obtained the OB as shared in the image below.

Cartel No 1, Phillip Kilonzo

Kilonzo and MCA Wambua demolishing my Fence

Machakos County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Lands, Urban Development Housing and Energy Mr Philip Kilonzo is the chief cartel.

He speaks what Wavinya Ndeti can’t speak in public. He has bought all locals because he speaks their language.

Mr Kilonzo was the one that come with mobilized goons and used county bulldozers to destroy my fence which I had already received approval for.

“Without county approval, you have no power to construct anything in Machakos county,” says Kilonzo.

He said this at Kyumbi-Machakos road at the site where my private property which the MCA had incited the members of the public that it belongs to them! 

Below are the documents they are claiming that we don’t have yet greedy Kilonzo’s office approval is on it.


Cartel Number 2: MCA Francis Kavyu-Deputy Minority Leader

Hon. Francis Kavyu-Deputy Minority LeaderKinanie/Mathathani

MCA Francis Kavyu-Deputy Minority Leader Kinanie/Mathathani

Francis Wambua Kavyu is the one leading goons to destroy my property.

He is the MCA Kinanie/Mathathani ward and the Deputy Minority Leader in the Machakos County government. 

He is a close ally of Governor Wavinya Ndeti and he has a big appetite for bribes and unmatched greed.

He has mobilised local Kamba radio stations to sell a false narrative against the land I legally own. 

Wambua has told his goons that only Kamba investors are allowed to own the land.

Cartel Number 3: Machakos County Chief of Staff Lawrence NgoviLawrence Ngovi

Ngovi represents Governor Wavinya Ndeti in daily county errands.

Ngovi has zero qualifications, and Governor Wavinya knows it.

Ngovi’s only qualification for the job is a class 8 certificate.

Ask yourself why Governor Wavinya Ndeti always cancels her press briefing.

Cartel Number 4: Dominic Maitha, Muthwani Ward

Elected members – Machakos Assembly

Muthwani Ward MCA is also a member of the lands committee in the county assembly. 

He is also used to mobilise the local media and has ears for local goons. 

Maitha causes chaos in the wards that he has no jurisdiction.

Cartel number 5: Jeremia Kalui of Arthi River Ward

Kalui is a goon from the times of Wiper Party Nominations.

Kalui stole Raphael Muthama’s votes after bribing ROs at Kasuitu primary school polling station.

He is a troublemaker and the one that is mostly used by Philip Kilonzo to incite Residents.

Together with deputy minority leader Francis Kavyu, they pay Mavoko traders and incite them to cause mayhem to private lands.

They are in pockets of Kilonzo who has promised them parcels of lands if they chase away me and other investors.

Cartel number 6: Daniel Mutinda MCA Syokimau/Mlolongo Ward

Another errand MCA. 

A lazy individual who thrives well in chaos.

Has not done something reasonable apart from scaring away investors.

Was amongst those who wanted me lynched when they incited members of the public.

I Need Help

MAVOKO MP PATRICK MAKAU slams RAILA ODINGA over his protest rallies – Says UKAMBANI region wants to be in RUTO's government | DAILY POST

Mavoko MP Honourable Patrick Makau

Mavoko MP Honourable Patrick Makau, I know you are a straightforward fellow who follows the law of the land.

Investors in your constituency are being drained by the greedy and tribal MCAs in the sub-county.

Those of us who have legally acquired the land and can not bribe nor cut our property to give to county land cartels are being threatened.

It is even worse that members of the public are being lied to that our land belongs to the county.

Kindly intervene, you are a leader we respect. 

Part 2 to follow…

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