KCC’s former President Uhuru’s ally Nixon Sigei linked Nepotism, corruption and unfair dismissal of employees to

Kenyan Cooperative Creameries, the East African region’s largest and oldest dairy processor, has come under fire following allegations of unfair dismissals of contracted employees without compensation.

The company, which produces a wide range of high-quality milk and dairy products, has reportedly laid off workers due to low production rates and financial constraints, despite having employed a significant number of supervisors, drivers, and salespeople in November of last year, most of whom were relatives of senior officials.

According to anonymous sources, at least 24 contracted employees from the Dandora factory were laid off without receiving any compensation, despite some having worked for the company for almost a decade.

“I have worked for 9 years and 9 months. 24 of us who were under contract were sacked from Dandora factory and we haven’t been paid for our service,” one employee lamented.

The dismissals have caused an uproar among the affected workers and their families, who are now calling on the management of New KCC to rectify the situation.

“We are calling on the management of New KCC to pay us our dues. It is unfair for them to lay us off without compensation,” said another affected worker.

This latest development comes amid growing concerns over the management of New KCC, which has been plagued by allegations of nepotism and mismanagement.

According to insiders, the recent influx of family members of senior officials into the company has led to a breakdown in the system, resulting in the dismissal of hardworking and dedicated employees.

Insiders are sceptical that the company will take any concrete action, given its history of ignoring the plight of its workers.

“New KCC has a long history of mistreating its workers. They have been doing this for years, and nothing has ever been done about it,” one staffer remarked.

As the affected workers continue to demand justice, we will keep following this story and provide our esteemed readers with subsequent updates concerning the matter.

The New KCC management needs to act fast to address these grievances and restore confidence in the company’s operations.

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