Keep Calm and allow President Ruto to deliver, Mingi tells Kenyans

Senate Speaker Amason Kingi has urged Kenyans to appreciate and keep calm for the current government under President William Ruto.

While speaking during a church service in ACK St Peter’s Cathedral Siakago in Embu, Kingi said the President has set up the right strategies to move the country forward.

He said that President has been facing critics from the influencial and powerful individuals within the country and thus urged the citizens to stand firm and support the President agenda.

“The Kenya Kwanza government is as a result of the Kenyans Prayers and thus I urge each one of you to keep praying and supporting the government,” he said.

Kingi said that critics are trying to destabilize president William Ruto strategies and hence costing Kenyans unnecessary loses.

“They have followed Dr. William Ruto during the campaigns and are still following him to ensure he fails in his leadership. They need to know that it would cost Kenyans and not President Ruto,” he added.

Leader of the majority in senate Aaron Cheruiyot has insisted that the ongoing bipartisan talk won’t rotate around 2022 general elections.

He said that negotiations must be about the development agendas that will benefit the Kenyans who are anticipating for a better livelihood under the Kenya Kwanza government.

The Kericho Senator said there’s every good reason to listen to the opposition grievances inorder to restore order that will enhance peace and integrative existence among Kenyans.

“It is always the best thing to listen to someone when they have something other than ignoring them. Kenyans are worried of negotiations because whenever such talks are mentioned what comes to their mind is power sharing, but we assure that there won’t be handshake agenda,” said Cheruiyot who is company of among them party chairperson Cecily Mbarire, Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa.

The lawmaker said the Kenya Kwanza government will place among them the health sector and the preventive health care.

“Our President is determined to ensure the preventive health care initiative is realized. This will allow Kenyans to pay as low as Ksh.300 for the national health insurance fund,” he added.

He further said that health care is among the key issues in stabilization of the country.

“We will ensure every 100 households there’s a member of Community Health Promoters who’ll ensure there’s enough preventive measures. The officers will give guidance to promote good health within Kenyans,” said Cheruiyot.

On her side, the Embu county governor Cecily Mbarire said the county government of Embu will amplify further development strategies in conjunction with the Kenya Kwanza agenda to citizens.

She said since her introduction as the county boss health sector has been one her leading initiatives and she’s not falling back in ensuring more projects are introduced within the county.

“Our agenda as the Kenya Kwanza government is to continue setting up development projects that will benefit our people. I have planned to construct health sectors and put down various plans to uplift the county and her people,” she said.