Land owners elects new officials as hopes pop

At least 400 Chelimo plot owners, Saturday picked new officials to run their affairs pending being settled by the government on the plots.

The owners picked a one time Kericho mayor Samuel Rugut as interim secretary with immediate former vice chairman Marir Moi as the chairman.

Elizabeth Koske is the new treasurer.The trio will be acting on interim basis until the matter of the plot owners is solved.

Snce last week the new team has been working on genuine list of plot owners.The old list has been infiltrated by individuals masquerading as squatters.

Last months Lands principal secretary Felix Korir toured the contravrcial Cheliomo and assured some squatters sitting on owners plots ofbeing settled elsewhere within Chelimo.

Speaking during a impromptu meeting held at Mwalimu Hotel in Kericho,Sunday Rugut said they were working in collabration with National Land Commission officials in Kericho and county land registrarwith a view of identifying genuine plot owners.

Rugut assured the plot owners that no genuine plot owners will be left out.

The one time Kericho mayor said the issue of squatters is being handled by the government as assured to them by PS Koske last month.

We are scrutinizing all titled deeds and letters of allotment for those with plots in Chelimo with a purpose of coming with a clean list of plot owners.

‘For squatters who have been sitting on other peoples plots illegally will have their cases settled by the government as assured by PS Koske’Mayor Rugut said.

Rugut reminded the squatters not to fall prey to some cartels that they could be accommodated in the list of genuine plot owners list.

The new chairman Marir Moi said they are committed as interim officials of Chelimo Plot owners remain assured that they end up being settled in Chelimo after coming with genuine list of owners.

‘As interim officials, we are working on a list that will see squatters and land grabbers being struck out’ the new chairman said.

Rugut and Moi urged land officials at Huduma centre,Kericho to work closely with the interim officials on matters plot owners.

‘Any other person going to Huduma centre purporting to working for the plot owners should not be entertained unless with permission from the interim officials,;MayorRugut said.ENDS