Kenya and Gulf States have agreed on guidelines on methods to end sufferings of domestic workers

Kenya and Gulf States have agreed on guidelines on methods to end sufferings of domestic workers in respective countries.
Labour and social protection cabinet secretary Florence Bore said she has made major strides to strike a deal with respective labour ministries in the gulf state to ensure Kenyan workers were safe.
Bore added that her ministry officials had struck labour deals with the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, U.A.E and Oman on methods to ensure that the workers become safe and earn dignified pay.
The C.S disclosed that the regional body-IGAD had also been involved in bid to bring sanctity to the department of labour and more so within the recruiting agencies.
“As a country we have abundant human resource which we can export, however, we are concerned with recruiting agencies who exploit the innocent children and which we are now focusing on,” Bore noted.
She spoke at Cheptarit vocational training center in Chesumei sub-county in Nandi when she presided over the launching a countrywide National Industrial Training Authority assessments (NITA).
“As a ministry, we want to see our country exporting skilled labour to other countries where they can earn good pay, it will be through TVETs that such can be realized,” the C.S disclosed.
Kenya, the C.S has 100,000 workers working at the gulf compared to 700,000 working in the same region from the Philippines while they have nil complains cases, the later has so many.
This, Bore noted was as a result of lack of trainings and knowledge of norms the Arab nations arbor.
Henceforth, the C.S explained that the government would demand that all workers seeking employment at the gulf states should go through national employment authority where all agents should pass through a vetting exercise.
“We also need skilled workers to also pass through the national employment authority so that they earn better and dignified pay instead of the current situation where recruiting agencies take the lion share of the pay,” C.S Bore revealed.
She said president Ruto’s government was keen to ensure that the youths can realize their maximum production potentials through trainings and grapping employment opportunities abroad.
She was accompanied by NITA director general Dr. Steve Ogenga and Nandi county deputy governor Yulita Mitei Cheruiyot.

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