Kings Developers Exposed For Shady Business Practices

Moiz Hassanali

Moiz Hassanali

A Kenyan property developer with Indian ownership, Kings Developers, has come under fire for its mistreatment of agents and staff in the country.

The company, which is behind major projects like Prism Towers and other projects across Kenya, has been accused of failing to pay commissions owed to agents for over a year.

According to a source close to the matter, one of the Indian directors, Moiz, has been holding the cheques meant for agents since last year.

The source also revealed that the company mistreats its own staff and that the directors feel untouchable and above the law.

The allegations against Kings Developers are particularly concerning given that the company is currently bidding for one of the largest government-affordable housing projects in Kenya.

The project is meant to provide housing for thousands of Kenyans, but with Kings Developers’ shady business practices, questions arise about whether the company can be trusted to deliver on its promises.

“We were promised commissions for selling their properties, but now we’re being ignored and left to suffer. It’s not just about the money, it’s about respect and fair treatment. We need justice,” one of the affected agents spoke out about the company’s mistreatment.

The situation with Kings Developers underscores the need for greater regulation and accountability in Kenya’s property development industry.

As the country continues to grapple with affordable housing shortages and rising property prices, it’s crucial that companies like Kings Developers are held to account for their actions.

Efforts to reach Kings Developers for comment were unsuccessful at the time of writing.

However, our sources say that the company is expected to face legal action in the coming days and that agents and staff are determined to see justice served.

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