KUSO President Antony Manyara to state, Helb loan to comrades is a must!

KUSO President Arc Antony Manyara has vowed to lead students protest across all the Universities in the country untill the state releases helb in their accounts.

Manyara while addressing the Press in Nairobi today said that all diplomatic means have been exhausted and urged students to stand up and fight for their rights.

” Let all the students know that KUSO’s leadership
has exhausted all diplomatic and peaceful mechanisms of getting the HELB loans
released, and thus we are left with no other option except to invoke the ruthlesscomrades’power,” said Manyara.
He added, ” That an invitation be sent to all students, parents, guardians and even lecturers to
join in weekly nationwide students’demonstrations EVERY FRIDAY until HELB Loans are deposited to students’ accounts,” he said.

He said that KUSO has always strived to be a voice of reason between students and their
corresponding institutions as well government agencies such as HELB.

” Through continuous engagements, a lot have been achieved. However, the all-important matter of timely HELB loans’ disbursement remains a thorny issue with the bodies concerned
carelessly shifting blames from office to office while students mercilessly suffer,” the tough talking President said.

He said that students no longer eat chicken but eat like and with chicken.

Manyara said that the decision to protest was achieved at following a meeting convened by KUSO Executive Council, on 23rd March 2022,

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