Boycott London Distillers: Selling Kenyans Urine Contaminated Alcohol

It is high time Kenyans boycotted products from the Mhindi-owned Environment polluter London Distillers due to unhygienic practices.

The company has compromised the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK), the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) and the Anti Counterfeit Agency.

Sources in the know claim the company has hired chokoras who walk around Eastlands collecting empty beer cans.

The cans are then taken to the Athi River plant of London Distillers where they are barely washed, then rebranded and then filed with alcohol before being sealed and sent off to the market.

“Be very careful when buying any canned alcoholic beverage from London Distillers. If you check clearly, you will find sediments at the bottom of the can,” says a worker at the tax-evading firm.

Such revelations are worrying seeing that many Kenyans who drink in open areas even pass urine in empty cans because many open areas are not pubs that have toilets.

“Many people prefer parking somewhere and then drinking from the cars. When they get pressed they just urinate in the empty bottles and throw them away. And what’s worrying is that London Distillers are encouraging chokoras to pick such bottles and bring them back to the factory where they are dipped in water once and then taken to be filled with alcohol. It’s a shame someone will want to take shortcuts while playing with the health of Kenyans,” says a worker who was disturbed by the ongoings in the company.

The owner of the company Mr Galot is retired and the company is run by a little boy Avind Galot who encourages such practices.

“Avind encourages staff to cut corners at the expense of Kenyans’ health. When we explained to him that the empty bottles are dangerous and might contain urine, he said if he found a way to sell urine to stupid Kenyans, he will package it and sell it, claiming clients who drink London Distillers products are stupid and won’t know the difference,” says our source from the factory.

Their brands to avoid because they might be contaminated include Kenya King, Iceberg Guarana, Meakins Gin and Meakins Rum, Napoleon, Safari Cane, Vodka Lemonade and Safari.

In a video doing rounds on social media, London Distillers use old and dirty cans of the poison they sell called Iceberg to sell Lemonade Vodka.

Outraged Kenyans have vowed not to rest until the company clarifies if their hygienic standards and is sanctioned by regulatory authorities.

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