“Kwani watu wako na magari za 30m wanakula watu wa bedsitter Kawangware’ Ugly Browl over Former CS Sex Scandal

A sex scandal has rocked a married former Cabinet secretary after the lady threatened to expose how the CS hit her ‘rosecoco’.

In the conversations that have now gone viral between former CS David Osiany and Maverick Aoko, she  admits that the CS ‘hit the right spot’ during their sensual sessions.

Online tweep Maverick Aoko causes a stir online after revealing how ex-CAS David Osiany slept with her and conned her love with a dime shilling.

However Kenyans have waded in on the war and questioned why Osiany who is allegedly driving a Sh 30million car would go to have sex in a bedsitter.

According to the prominent blogger, Osiany parked his Sh30 million car  on her Sh10K bed-sitter not once, but multiple times, and then continued his business with her before disappearing.

“Oh babe, I’ll break it from our 1st date. Good thing, you shafted in, kwa nyumba Yangu. I have everything. Please make this legal,” said Aoko.

She added that her war was with Azimio. But Osiany decided ‘kuwa ghasia.’

“Nakufa nawewe. Please make this, PUBLIC. SUE ME DARLING, I’ll say things that u don’t know I know”

The Former CS Sex Scandal escalated and he threatened to advance the matter  with the authorities.

Osiany on his side responded, “That’s great. You will need all these things you say, at the right time and place. You will break it down very well. You will clarify it. Once and for all. Then you will learn there is a price to pay for the things you peddle here.”

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