Local online publication says Respected City Lawyer Robert Akumu Asembo has been charged with defrauding a woman’s land, forging a tittle deed

By Africanwitnes

As city lawyers continue to engage in illegal activities like gold fraud Syndicate, Robert Akumu Asembo has been implicated in land fraud Syndicate in Nairobi.

Documents obtained from Kibera court by this reporter shows that Asembo, an advocate of the high court sold hot air to a foreigner and defrauded Sh 2.5Million from the said foreigner.

He defrauded Tai Sujun on the ground that he would sale him a prime piece of land along the Southern By-pass.

The non-existed land measured 0.7615Ha worth Sh2.5million.

He never gave the land to her but instead gave her a wrong fake tittle deed.

He committed the offence on Diverse dates between September,2,2016 and March 31,2017.
” He gave me a fake tittle deed and I transfered Sh1.6million to him, I had given him other money earlier,” Sujun told the court earlier.
He is out on Sh 300,00 with an alternative cash bail of Sh100,000.
The case proceeds next month